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Menopause - please help

Have endo for 5 years now and am 33 years old and am resolved to living a fair amount of my live being uncomfortable. Am on Co-codamal which doesn't seem to take the pain away just makes me go to a nice happy place where I care les about it.

Anyway, since having my coil out 9 months ago and trying for our 3rd child, girl 12 and boy nearly 14, (guessed it was now or never). I have had a variety of symptoms that are all on the menopause list.

Hot flashes

Bad gut




mood swings

the list goes on and on,

What I was wondering is, does early menopause run in the family, as my Grandma had her's in her 30's and shouldn't the endo pain subside if it is menopause.



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I believe the age of your mothers menopause strongly predicts your own. Your GP can do a blood test to check whether that's what's happening.

Endo often improves after menopause, but not always. A small number of women still have symptoms.

I'm also in the middle of it and finding that my endo is flaring up. It's horrible having both kick off! I've done some reading and this seems to be a recognised thing. It's because our progesterone declines before our oestrogen.

I'd go see your GP to discuss.

Good luck!

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Endometriosis can produce its own estrogen. So can fat cells as well as the pituatury gland. I know this cuz a close friend in her 70s is dealing with estrogen dominent breast cancer although she went through the menopause eons ago. (She doesnt have endo just she is still estrogen dominent from her fat cells and pituatry) .. Thats why hysterectomy is not considered a cure.


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