Does anyone know any types of pain relief medication other than Mefenamic Acid 500mg or codeine 30mg because neither are working and I have came on my period again for the 4th time in the space of a month and a half!!!

Do I go to the doctors and explain the pain again for the 6th time hoping they give me stronger pain relief until my Ultra Sound scan??? HELPPPPP

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Good luck in getting stronger pain relief. My doctor won't prescribe me anything other than mefanamic acid and codiene. I'm hoping when i see the gynae on friday they'll be able to prescribe me some other pain relief!xx

I think with me being 17 too they won't give me anything stronger ☹️ xxx

Keep persisting. There must be something else they can give you xx

It took me years but I have just got naproxen 200mg and it seems to have helped for a bit. My body gets too used to the drugs so mef acid wasn't working at all for me in the end :(

Ask your gp to refer you to your local pain team x

Will do! Xx


Very sorry you are in so much pain. Endometriosis is one of the most painful conditions we can go through (even when its mild) and sadly still not understood well enough by some drs although it is improving its very slow.

Its best to take pain relief regularly if you are having a flareup or if a period is starting as you need to get ontop of pain not try to catch up.

Have you got just codeine on its own? The cocodamol which is paracetamol as well as codeine is often better you can take the lower strength which has 8mg of codeine per tablet or the stronger one that has 30mg codeine per tablet. Just keep in mind that codeine is often constipating and constipation is not good in general and can make endo pain worse.

Other anti inflammatory meds such as ibuprofen can be taken with cocodamol but not with mefanamic acid. There is also a patch called versatis which you may be able to get from an understanding gp/gynae, its lidocaine 5% which is an anaesthetic and it does help. You wear a patch for 12 hrs and then throw it away and have 12 hrs off them they are not the same as some morphine based patches they are different so just check your gp/gynae hasn't assumed that as some do when they are rushing.

Other than these you could try tramadol or a small dose of oramorph for when you are in extreme pain, again you need gp to prescribe.

Have you tried other things such as tens machine acupuncture heat patches?

Hope this helps a bit I've been there know its so debilitating.

Let us know....

Hello, I haven't been diagnosed with endo however doctors suspect it. I have became dependant on the painkillers because the pain does get so bad that I can't move so I always try to beat myself to it if that makes sense.

I sometimes take codeine on its own depending on the pain. I take mefenamic acid 500mg and codeine with paracetamol. In some cases I find these don't work.

I have tried hot baths/warm baths, hot water bottles, exercise, massages the whole works for a 17 year old haha. I will have to try them heat patches though! I'm just thinking for work and college the pain is unbareable🙁

I have already rang and made appointments with the doctors 5/6 times and backwards and forwards from A&E and I feel like they're wasting my time as well as me wasting theirs. My assigned doctor- I don't feel like he cares in some way. I don't know how to go about asking to see a specialist/ gynaecologist?? I feel so demanding because of my age and with it being rare for teenagers to get it as my doctor told me he still thinks it's just my periods regulating ahahaha.

Thank you so much for your reply it has really helped! X

I have tried both of these and neither worked for me either, it's like running around in circles trying to get something stronger. The doctor offered me Tramadol as a last resort but made me very woozy and out of it.

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