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Pelvic Congestion, Microscopic Endo

I'm very new to this website but I've very recently been diagnosed with pelvic congestion, which is apparently varicose veins in my pelvis and mild endometriosis.

This has come about due to pain during sex which lead me to going to my GP, then hospital for various examinations and ultrasounds and then a laparoscopy.

I don't have periods due to Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and I was told by the nurse I can go on the pill/injection/coil to help manage the endometriosis. But what about the pelvic pain? And the varicose veins?

Has anyone else been diagnosed with this or has any advice? I'm going to ring back the nurse but it would be nice to hear some other stories and experiences as it feels kind of lonely having this condition.



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