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Occupational Health for work

Hello all, my job told me they wanted to set me up with an Occupational Health appt to see if they could make adjustments at work to help me (I heard that but assumed it was also partially for them to kind of prove I shouldn't be missing work as much... I have trust issues.)

Well, I just got off the phone with my Occupational Health doctor appt.... I was expecting the doc to be a bit stern and tell me I ought to be in work more often... exact opposite happened.

She said she doesn't want me working anything longer than a 6 hour shift, 4 hours preferably, and I shouldn't work two days in a row, more Monday, Wednesday, Friday so I have a day off to recover a the extreme exhaustion we suffer with is no joke and I will cause my body more pain and discomfort by trying to push myself too far.

I can't even say how reassuring it was to be taken so seriously and, since work asked for it, they'll be respecting this doctor's advice. I'm still waiting to have my initial laparoscopy scheduled as I've only been told by my gyno that it is most likely Endo, but this feels like a hugely supportive step. For those of you who are also suffering at work, maybe look into Occupational Health? Your employer will have to consider what they say as their whole purpose is to find ways to help people be able to come to work without causing them more physical duress.

This will now be on my record for the next 6 months as the doc I spoke with was hoping it would "only" take 6 more months to have me diagnosed and on the path to recovery... anyway, I just thought I'd mention this as it has been moderately successful and will really help with my anxiety over staying employed. I hope it can help someone else also. 💖

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