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Endometriosis twice in 2 years

I am 22 years old and I got the confirmation that endometriosis had came back. This is twice in two years and I don't know what to expect on what's going to happen now. First time was in march of 2015 I got pregnant after the surgery and had him may last year. I just recently had a miscarriage in December 2016 and it's now June 2017 and I have endometriosis again. I'm really nervous as I still want more kids.

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Hi. Go back to your gp or consultant if you can. Was endo excised?

This happened to me ops in 2010 2012 2014 and hysterectomy in 2016 as nothing stopped my bleeding. In hindsight I had endo as a teenager but was put on the pill. Only diagnosed in my 30s.

Endo doesn't always affect fertility, but the sooner you see someone the better.

Good luck x


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