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Endo and PCOs

Hi, so I'm 23 and have endo and PCOs, I've been trying for almost 2 years and was wondering if anyone knows the chances of getting pregnant with both! I've tried googling and it's all depressing, I've got an appointment to discuss IVF in 3 weeks but I'm super worried, I'm only 23 and the idea that I might not be able to have kids is getting to me :(

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Hi don't give up I was diagnosed with the same and got pregnant took me years as I only ovulated once or twice a year, the told me it would be a miracle if I got pregnant, I was put on the tablets that are supposed to help you get pregnant, but they didn't work, I got pregnant aged 28, I did want another but it never happened I was never offered IVF and couldn't afford to pay for it, good luck x

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Hey, I was in your position 2.5 years ago as I also have both and don't ovulate. I know it all seems so daunting and it's easier said than done but do try to keep positive. I know it sounds strange but I felt relief when i finally had the apt with my consultant who said I could start IVF x



I'm responding to this post after some time. I have pcos, endo and fibroids. Aged 32, I'm desperate for a child.. We are considering ICSI so I'm in the same position as you X stay strong X


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