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pain after endo lap surgery

Hi Ladies,

I had my lap for endo on Thursday last week - they found lots of endo, but told me they could not remove it all; however they did gets lots off the bowel! I had excruciating pain after surgery and had to stay overnight (I was the last Sx for they day and the nurses wanted to discharge me with NO PAIN RELIEF bec there was no Dr around or sth like that... but it so was not gonna happen :( )

The Dr gave me oxycodone to go home with (5 to 10mg every 6hrs plus OTC pain relief and Tramadol fast acting 50mg) but even in hospital I was still in so much pain on all these meds...

I'm still in so much pain, even several days later (it has decreased a bit in the last day, but I still get very bad patches of 6-8hrs in the evening and faint (what a wimp I am...) I have run out of meds and am going back to my Dr tomorrow for stitches out and hopefully more pain meds as I can't stand being like this :(

My question is: how long does this post-op pain last? Did anyone else have this problem? I'm going to try to skip periods, but no pill has ever allowed me to so this with success, so I worry I'll be in even worse pain in 2 weeks form now...

Sorry, but I was very much hoping it would all be over quickly after the op :( And now it's just as bad as a period (initially worse).

Am I ok to use hot water bottles over the surgery sites?

Thank you all so much in advance - I guess I was just so hopeful everything would be great a few days after Sx, and it's not ('yet' -hopefully).

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If you are that much pain I would honestly go to A&E and get yourself checked out. Even after a hysterectomy and bowel excision I was managing on less pain relief than you are taking. It could be internal post op bleeding or some sort of complication. Take care. x.


I should add, after my first surgery I had unbearable pain a few hours later and was still in tremendous pain days later - I'd had a massive internal bleed post op. A blood test to check your iron levels should show up if something like this has happened. I needed a lot of pain relief for several weeks after that op and the recovery was very tough.


Thanks so much - I'll ask the Dr for a blood test when I'm there tomorrow. Can I ask, was your pain continuous or more in bouts lasting of a few hours?


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