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Endometriosis on the ureter?

I had a laparoscopy on Wednesday and endo was removed from both ovaries and it was also found in my ureter. I also had a mirena coil fitted.

I have had no further info except in my discharge letter it said it was too dangerous to remove and would need to be removed from the ureter at a later date.

I have (probably stupidly) hit google

and now am in a panic! Has anyone experienced this or can offer me some advice please?

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I had endo excised from my right ureter back in March. It can be removed but you need to make sure that you have the right surgeon (might be worth seeing if you are being treated at a bsge centre, and if not, if you can be referred to one). I had to have a cystoscopy and stents put in during the surgery so they could safely dissect it out and I'd had previous surgeries in which it had been left alone. No problems since though.


Thanks for your reply, i have no follow up appointments booked as yet, but I will go see my gp next week and ask to be referred to a bsge centre as I wasn't treated in one this week. The surgeon did say that they would not be able to operate further at that hospital.



I had endo on my right ureter and had this removed my endo specialist and urology specialist 12 yrs ago. They had to insert a stent for 3 weeks to support the ureter which is then removed. Make sure you get a specialist team and you should have no problems. I felt so much better after it was done.

Good luck x


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