Nothing found at laparoscopy

So I had my laparoscopy yesterday and she didn't find any endometriosis. I'm gutted, I really wanted to be able to come away with answers. She found some scar tissue on my bowel but said it was flexible so she didn't remove it. No explanation as to why it might be there. I was in a bit of a state but I'm sure she said something about a cyst but glossed over it very quickly. She showed me the photos that she took and said how well everything looked. I asked her what happened next and her reply was "it's not gynae". I just sat and cried thinking about continuing to cope with the fatigue, the nausea and the pain. She fitted a coil so i suppose I should see if there's any improvement in my symptoms.

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I'm really sorry to hear you didn't get some answers from you laparoscopy, you must be feeling really frustrated. Don't be afraid to ask questions about the cysts she mentioned, it's your body and you deserve to know. I've been told before that a cyst could have burst and that would cause similar pain to endo. I hope you find some relief with the coil.

If you don't have endo why has a Mirena been fitted for you? Xxx

They said the coil can help ease pelvic pain even when it isn't endometriosis. If I do see an improvement on my symptoms surely then they have to say it is gynae related??

Yes, I would say so. xxx

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