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Feeling really alone

Hi everyone

I've just joined as I have been feeling really alone with my endo and don't know where to turn. I have a really supportive family and friends but it's hard when they can't quite get it. I was diagnosed following my lap in December and I'm waiting for a follow up with the surgeon next month but I'm really suffering at the moment with pain, being swollen, exhausted, nausea, etc etc. Does anyone know if there are any active support groups around Hampshire - I've seen there were a couple but it doesn't look like they've had any meetings recently. I feel like it would be really good to speak to other people I could relate to!

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Welcome to the Endo Cluuuuuub! 😜

I'm new to the whole Endo thing and to this forum, but I have found it extremely comforting to hear that there are other women who know exactly what I'm dealing with. Have a scroll through the posts. You'll find loads of helpful tips and commiseration. It really does help psychologically to know we aren't alone.

Hang in there, darlin', you're far from on your own. ❤️

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Thanks JackieBo 😘


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