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Diagnostic Lap this Thursday!

Hi everyone - I have my diagnostic lap this Thursday - It was meant to be last Wednesday but they pushed it back due to over booking. I'm feeling so anxious and cant get out my head that after 12+ years of pain that they arnt going to find anything!!! Its all I can think about and feel like I cant talk to anyone about it because there is nothing I can do about it but wait till Thursday. My minds in overdrive and im barely sleeping. I just want answers, this has been going on over half my life now :(

Just thought writing that here would help me abit

Thanks xx

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Hello! You will be OK. The process can be long but even if they find nothing which is unlikely based on your pain, at least they'll be able to eliminate things. The people looking after you know what they're doing. Have faith and try as much as possible to relax. You might find stress can inflate your symptoms (I don't know though). Make sure you have time off to recover and if possible have someone loom after you for at least 2 days. Not sure if that helped at all but good luck!


My diagnostic lap is also on Thursday and I feel exactly the same.... the way I'm trying to think is there must be something as I know how I feel and how it effects my life. If they say there's nothing there I'll save up and go private as I just don't believe there's nothing to find.... keep in touch if you'd like to? What time do you have to go in? I go in at 12pm xx


I felt the same going for mine, it's funny that I was actually hoping I had this horrid disease as then at least I would have answers! I was then devastated when she told me I did have endo, but also relieved if you know what I mean! Right mix of emotions! Do you have anyone with you who will be there when you come back from recovery? I didn't and it would have been useful as they come and talk to you briefly about findings and I was still feeling really sleepy, don't think I would have taken much in if it wasn't for the nurse who was also there and came back to see how I was later and talked about the results again with me! Best of luck, in my experience everyone in hospital was incredible, they made me feel so relaxed and well cared for and totally in safe hands xxxx


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