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Ultrasound showed Ovary looked 'dense' - is this a common factor of endo/chocolate cysts?

I have had pain in my right side for 8-9 years now, the first lap in 2009 said my right ovary looked polycystic, but I did not have PCOS or endo. They did find fibroids and put the pain down to that, but said if I can live with the pain to wait until I have had children. I have had two children, but since then pain has got worse, so I had another lap and they diagnosed endo and I am put me on the mirena coil. The pain continues to be bad, so they referred for other checks (bowel/blood/liver) including a CT scan which showed a mass on my left ovary (3cm). So I had an ultrasound last week and the sonographer said the cyst on my left was gone, but my right ovary looked 'dense'. When I said I had endo he seemed to made a conclusion, but only said he will make a recommendation to my consultant - but was not forthcoming to what, although he reassured me it was nothing sinister.

Does anyone know if chocolate cysts show up as 'dense' on an ultrasound?

Also is it common for them to be missed in a lap? Could the CT people have got the sides wrong, in that they said nothing about the right, only the left, but the sonographer saw the opposite - surely a cyst would not disappear and another develop in 3 weeks on the other side? Could one have a chocolate cyst for 8-9 years and have numerous checks, laps, scans and it be missed?


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I am inclined to say these things can be missed or misjudged depending on whose looking at it. I've had multiple cysts that seem to be there one minute and of concern to one health professional for it to be gone or of no importance the next week with a different doctor. It is frustrating but be persistent it's your body and if you think there's something wrong don't get put off Ask for a second opinion. Ask for a detailed explanation or further tests. Don't get fobbed off if you're in pain it needs looking into. Good luck.


Have you had blood tests to rule out PCOS?? I only ask because they don't tend to diagnose or not on just a scan. Some cysts can come and go, it really does depend on the type of cyst. I think they can get things wrong. Hopefully you will get answers, but you know your body better than the doctors do. Get a second opinion etc.


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