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Fed up of this

Fed up of this


I'm really new to all this. I got diagnosed in January via a lap, then lost my job because I had a "bad attitude". I've been on prostap for 3 months and had a month break but the symptoms came back 10 fold. I've started back on the prostap but I have fears of how serious my endo is. It's affecting the pouch of Douglas and urteosacrial ligament. I'm so swollen it's unreal! Literally so fed up it's unreal. I feel like crying all the time and I just don't know what to do. I feel so ill and I just keep thinking that it's not fair. Any suggestions on what to do? The swelling makes me look pregnant and I can't exercise too much because I'm constantly exhausted and sore. I just want my life back

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I totally understand this feeling of wanting your life back, it is really hard. Have you tried yoga ? I can't really exercice but yoga and swimming have been ok recently without traumatizing my body too much. The only drawback is tiredness.

If you would like to get more muscle and strenghent your abs, electrode machines or belt are a good opportunity. Moreover, if you get one that does Tens machine as well (used by physiotherapists), you can use it against the cramps.

I don't know if you follow an endo diet (I struggle sticking with it) but generally it could be recommended to cut out with sugar, wheat/gluten, and dairy product/red meat. I feel this diet may be good to loose weight even if really hard to follow.

After being diagnosed I also started to see a therapist to be able to express this feeling of 'this is unfair I want my life back' without feeling guilty to impose it to my relatives. The way is very long and I hope one day we will get there..

A lot of courage for you,

Emma xx


Thank you, I have cut out most things to follow the endo diet as I can no longer process most things. I need to take up swimming but I suspect I have chronic fatigue too :(

I might invest in the belt though, I'm just so achy all the time!

I don't know wether to push for more surgery or not

Cian x


If you feel more surgery is necessary, you should definitely go and talk to an accredited center.

Chronic fatigue is definitely a symptom of chronic disease but also hormonal treatments/disorders. I take vitamins but not enough !


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