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Query about zoladex/pros tap and ca125

Hi, I'm new here. Severe endo diagnosed two years ago, plus right ovary removed with large dermoid cyst and endometrioma drained on left ovary as too stuck to organs to remove safely). I'm just finishing my 2nd 6 month treatment with zoladex. I have a question about ca125 and this treatment. When my endo was diagnosed my ca125 was 175. Recently, during my treatment, it was measured as 463. Now logic tells me that zoladex treatment = reduced endo activity, which I think should = reduction in ca125, so I'm confused as to why mine has risen and would welcome others experience. I have just had urgent investigations for ovarian cancer with ct and MRI scans done, have been told they don't think it's cancer, and I was scheduled for surgery today, but it was cancelled on Thursday evening as surgeon booked is not willing to do the surgery because of the way things are attached and wants endo specialist to do the op. Sorry, this is a bit rambling. I'm still concerned that this could be cancer so am rather terrified of letting them start pulling me about... but I guess I have to assume they know what they are doing?! Any advice? (And particularly any experience of zoladex/ca125 relationship, thanks. (Ps I am 48 so no fertility concerns for me) x

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