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New & panicked!

Hi, I'm looking for some advice! I was told after suffering pelvic pain in my early 20s that I potentially had endometriosis I was never properly checked just told to run packs of my pill back to back, I took dianette for 10!years straight until in 2013 a new doctor asked me to switch to loestrin 30 which I did. During all these years I never had any other endo pains just IBS. The loestrin caused nothing but issues with my immune system so a year ago I came off the pill altogether. I felt pretty good up until a few months ago when I decided to go back on the pill as I'd developed acne, I decided to try Yasmin, I lasted 4 days as it made me so ill and then I came off of it.

After a few days of been off of it I started to get this horrible discomfort like I wanted to lay an egg! It felt like I had a water balloon inside me that wanted to pop really deep internally on my left side, if I pushed down on my left foot the pressure would be worse.

I went to the docs and they said it was a UTI and sent me away with some antibiotics.

When they didn't work I went back and got more which I didn't take because I didn't think it was a UTI.(I'm now taking them out of desperation).

I ended up going back on Yasmin this time I lasted a month but couldn't take the sickness and this vaginal discomfort any more so I stopped again.

A couple of weeks after stopping the pain died down a bit then I got my period and at the tale end of my period the pain came back this time with vengeance.

I got my urine tested, no UTI.

Now the pain is also in my lower left pelvic area, it's a bloated tight pain I have to pee every 20 minutes and it feels like my ovary is going to burst.

I'm 34 and my periods are generally pain free. This pain has come on outside of period time and it's scaring me! I don't know if Yasmin caused it?

Got app on 31st to see about scan. Has anyone else ever experienced this?

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I was surprised once when I googled Yasmin (I've been on it for over 10yrs) and found all sorts of bad reviews about it - so it is known to be not so good for some people. Lucette is the same thing but cheaper just in case you ever come across that one.

Due to the lack of evidence of a UTI is it possible that the bladder issues are a seperate cause? possibly interstitial cystitis - I assume this gets aggrevated by other issues in the area which could make sense. Thing is I've mentioned things for years that could be explained by IC to my Drs and they've never actually mentioned IC to me, it was a therapist who's an ex GP who bothered to put all the points together and tell me about IC.

I hope you get this sussed out very soon!


Thank you, yeah I had come across IC on google and had considered this, the dragging feeling and ovary pain could be separate from the constant needing to pee.

I'm currently trying a course of antibiotics although I'm doubtful they will do anything but I think I'm going to try going back on dianette again and see if that helps! :)


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