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They won't refer me for any tests ..I'm 31,trying to get pregnant for over 2 years..what do I do?

I'm 31 and for 2 1/2 years me and partner tried for a baby.I had bloods done and they showed nothing.

The stress eventually got to us and we split four weeks ago.

I've been to the doctor I've explained I couldn't get pregnant and the first two days of my period blood was in my stool,I get pains in my left thigh and pressure near ovarys.

I have had no scans/no laps/no internal ultrasound.

Went to doctor and they said because at the moment I'm not actively trying and with a partner she won't refer me.

What am I meant to do? Wait another two years on the off chance I meet someone else to have a baby with then go back and ask to be refered.

I've already tried over 2 years then there is symptoms ..I have constant lower back ache,go from really constipated to the other..

I've spoke to a private fertility clinic and they've said its £495 for all tests plus bloods but nhs can refer me..

Would you just pay?

I don't understand what else to do

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A referral to a gynaecologist to check for endo might be a good idea. I've never been to a fertility clinic, so I don't know what they do, so I can't help too much with that. If your GP refuses, please see a different one. Most of us have had issues with a GP at one time or another - it is not at all unusual.


I really want to get pregnant and feel like my time is running out.

I honestly think I have endo and that's stopping me getting pregnant


Ok so ask a different gp for investigations for that. Don't mention fertility, just get referred to a gynae and then you can discuss it then. Blood in stools is never ok to be left without investigation as far as I know... Coracle probably knows more though!


Dont go telling them you want to get pregnant now as you have no partner, complain of pain, fatigue and say its effecting your everyday life! Theres 2 reasons theyll investigate endo, 1 fertility and 2ndly for pain so bad you cant cope. Dont demand a referal, dont tell them that you think its endo, just cry cuz things are that bad. Good luck.


Hi see a different GP . Don't give up. Just keep trying different GP's. You could try writing to the practise manager and explain that all you want is a referral to a gynaecologist. If they refuse get them to write on your notes the reason why. Definitely tell them all symptoms especially blood in stools. This alone needs investigating. Stay strong and stand your ground. Good luck.


The first two days of my period when I try to have a bowel movement I get a sharp stabbing pain in my rectum too,it's unbearable and I can't move.

Il ask for a referral to a gynaecologist and I hope they will refer me.

What kind of tests if I get a referral will they do?


Ultrasound Direct do a well woman scan which is very reasonably priced. I went for one of these scans before my diagnosis and my results meant that my GP referred me to gynaecology (the sonographer wrote in the report that I should be referred urgently). Xxx


Hey Hun, I am so surprised your doctor hasn't refered you as you have been trying for 2 years. I feel you should complain about this. I have been trying for nearly 3 years soon and had no luck. I went to my doctor two months before my one year of trying and she completed a day 21 blood test for me and sent me for a ovary scan. After they got the results back both my partner and I were referred. At the local hospital they completed a HSG test where they put dye in your tubes to see if there blocked and once I found out they were clear I was offered IUI. I had two of these and they failed and I had ivf which also failed. Currently having my second ivf. I think you should either complain to be referred or switch doctors. I'm sorry that you split up with your partner as I know how much stress this can cause. But if you both want to make it work please do the steps above. X


That is just crazy. The NICE guideline, which underpins NHS treatment, requires that if endo is 'suspected' then they must refer you if:

The woman wishes for referral.

She has severe or longstanding symptoms.

She has concerns about future fertility, or is having problems trying to conceive.

There are abnormalities found on clinical examination or pelvic ultrasound scan.

I should copy this and take it to your GP and ask her to confirm in your medical records that you do not have endo with her reasons why, otherwise the NICE guideline requires that you are referred. Also have a look at the ESHRE guideline - that underpins the NICE guide - and read all the symptoms at chapter 1 that they should be looking for. Copy it and highlight all the symptoms that you have.

You are clearly entitled to a referral but it is important that you see someone with an interest in endo who has done more than the basic gynaecology training. You can look at their profiles on line. You wouldn't fulfil the criteria for referral to a BSGE accredited centre but you can ask to be referred to the team of one of the named surgeons in general gynaecology through the NHS E-referral service i.e the normal referral pathway. Referrals to BSGE centres are different.

Basically, put the ball in her court with your request backed by the guidelines she should be applying. If you have funds just for an initial private consultation it is a good idea, even though it shouldn't be this way:





BSGE list:


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I'm going to keep going back until hopefully they refer me to my local hospital.

Does anyone suffer with pvcs or pacs ?

I've been having a bad time with them lately ..especially before period.

I've been told it could be pmt..I'm fed up of all the symptoms I have if I'm honest.

The amount of times I've been told it's all stress related..it really isn't.



I would reread, very carefully, everything that Lindle has said in her post above. Absolutely copy the guidelines she suggests and take them to your GP. The GP and the practice need to know that you know your rights and are expecting them to be granted to you.

Also, read everything discussed on the sites Lindle has suggested. Sadly, Endo is one of those conditions where women often have to know more than some of their Medics. We have to educate ourselves. So read all the stuff suggested, as well as checking out other sites that deal with Endo. I now know more about Endo (and my other conditions) than my GPs, and the good/nice ones respect this and have tried to learn with me - despite being horribly overworked.

I hope you get some positive responses soon.


Thankyou everyone for your help.

Do you think it's worth asking to hand a stool sample in?

To check on that as my bowel problems last all month long.

This morning rushed to loo and lots of gas..sorry for tmi but must of passed gas about 100 times.

I'm going to gp and will say my symptoms

First two days really heavy periods (have to change pad every two hours on second day )

Lower backache all month along with random pains in my left thigh and left ovary.

Blood in stool on first two days along with stabbing rectum pain trying to have movement

No pregnancy

I feel tired all the time ..no energy

I'm honestly feeling so low,like nobody cares or listens.

Maybe it's ibs or candida ..

I'm driving myself crazy


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