Hi I really need your advice / opinions. I have got to have a colonoscopy for a routine check up as they found a pollip 3 years ago. I didn't have any pain at all and they found no traces at all of endo . (They found that on a MRI). I have now been told that is severe endo and it has penetrated the bowl wall. The really question is will this make the procedure really painful . The hospital says need to attempt the procedure due to risk of more pollips.

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  • Will you be having sedation? Its standard now. I had gas and air and when they inflated the left side of my bowel, my worst endo side i nearly jumped off the table. But half a bottle of gas and air later i felt loads better. Not sure if my endo is back or even on my bowels, but i definitely have some ristrictions as my poo is pencil thin amd flat on one side. But youll be given sufficient pain relief!

  • Thanks for replying I will def be having the sedation fingers crossed will all go ok x

  • Hey,

    It sounds like they may not give you a choice but if they do, make sure you take the sedative. They can also knock you out if it's really needed. Do let them know your concerns.

    Mine was still quite painful with the sedative, but my one wasn't endo related. When they removed the polyp I didn't actually feel it, I remember seeing it on the screen, but everything is such a blur due to the sedative.

    The prep is the worst bit I think - unsure if your bowl endo will make it worse. Make sure you are reasonably close to hospital - I was an hour drive away, not nice. Settle down near a loo and maybe get yourself some Vaseline. Go with the flow.

    All the best, it'll be over quick when you have the sedative.

  • Thanks for replying. I have voiced my concerns 100% and they have now changed the doctor who will be doing the procedure. Xxx

  • Fingers crossed .. im sure youll be fine. I couldnt have the sedative as my bp was too low the morning of my colonoscopy. Bowel prep is definitely the worst part. But good luck, hope it goes well!

  • Thanks you :) x

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