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Zoladex and Hysterectomy

Good morning all.

So basically i've been suffering since the age of 10 when I fisrt sarted my periods, i'm now 36.

I always spent alot of time away from school and then work as I grew up as I was always doubled over in pain and fainting. The doctor then put me on the pill and I was on it for nearly 20 years, this seemed to suit me however mega migraines and family history of DVT they took me off of the pill and made me have a break. I was still having very very heavy periods and pain accompanied this to even with the pill.

I was very alone so guessed by them making me take a break from the pill was in my best interest so I just went along with it and suffered.

Enough got enough in January 2016 I went and saw my GP, she refered me to the gynie at the hospital, they did all the relevant scans, then had a exploritory laparoscopy and they found endo. The gynie said he removed all he could by excision. I had chocolate cysts on my ovaries and endo on my pouch of douglas and uterus. When he did this he also fitted me with the mariena coil which I really didnt want I was almost forced into having it. 4 months later I had to have the coil out as I just didnt stop bleeding at all and the pain was immence.

The gynie then reccomended I try a course of Zoladex injections to try and slow down the spread of endo, i've now been on them for 5 months and am feeling very let down. The consultant said at first I would have the injections to see how I reacted to see if my pain subsided and would then consider me for a Hysterectomy.... However he has now changed his mind following a meeting he had with his panel of consultants. He has now suggested I stay on the injections for another 6 months with hrt and see how I feel.

I am seriously considering not having any more injections, the side effects are just so radical and I just dont feel I am getting anywhere.

I have said right from the start that I would like a hysterectomy, I have no children and i've never been a maternal lady. I have a very black and white attitude to most things and i'm absolutly certain about not having children.

I'm at my whits end with this all at the moment, im due to go back to see the consultant and a weeks time, I will once again ask for the hysterectomy even if it means having to pay and go private.

I am also very aware that a hysterectomy isn't a cure for endometriosis but with the problems being situated where they are in my body and the treatment they have used thus far I feel its the right choice for me.

I hope I have made sence and given you a brief insight to my experience, some advice would be much apreciated. :)

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Have the injections helped you much?xxx

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Hi shazlovesevo,

Yes the injections have made a massive improvement, quality of life (no irregular heavy bleeding) and obviously the pain.

The only drawback I would personally say is the MEGA hot flushes and joint ache, however I would say all in all not bad.


Oh good I'm glad they've helped hunni, I only asked as my first lot of prostap didn't help me and the doctor said I couldn't have a hysterectomy if the injection hasn't helped but I had another one and it's helped massively so should be okay to go ahead now :), I'm only 21 but if it's gonna give me a pain free future I'm not too fussed xxxx


Did they not give you hrt add back? You would need hrt after hysterectomy as very likely to go into menopause whether or not they remove your ovaries.

As it seems zoladex has helped it should show them that endo is causing a lot of your problems and often they'd see that as sign to do hysterectomy but consultants vary. If you can persuade them make sure they excise any real emailing endo at the same time. My consultant didn't and I ended up in worse pain.

Having zoladex can shrink endometriosis which makes the operation a little simpler as hopefully less to remove at same time. So maybe say you'll keep having injections as long as they give you hrt and put you on list for hysterectomy

Good luck


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