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Day 2 of being in bed AGAIN

Feeling so awful havent slept for more than 2 hours over the last 2 nights. My bleeding is so heavy and I have pain from my ribs to my knees, also feeling dizzy and sick. Taking zapain and mefenamic acid. I feel useless, so fed up of letting my work down and having to cancel plans because I just can't function properly. I'm like a broken record and feel like people think I'm being a drama queen. I feel like such a mess, I honestly can't remember what it was like before this. I really hope the coil works for me. 2 weeks to go.... sorry for the rant I needed to vent xx

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We all need to vent at times its normal this endo sets us back in many ways. God bless u. This site is terrific for expressing your feelings so get it off your chest appreciate we are supporting eachother


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