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I have been suffering for three years with abdominal pain and bleeding and have now seen a gynaecologist who recommended a laparoscopy. It got to near the time of the procedure, however, and having read the information I cancelled. My main reason for doing this is that I have other health conditions and because of this I am terrified of the general anaesthetic. At the same time, I am so frightened by my symptoms and the thought they might be cancer.

I know that, for me, being reassured about the safety of the procedure is not going to help. I have read about a minilaparoscopy that can be done under local anaesthetic. But despite trying really hard I cannot find any UK surgeons offering this. I am wondering if anyone here has any information that might help me?

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if your doctor is recommending a lap it must be because they don't think the risks are significant, in comparison to the benefit.

I've not heard of the procedure when awake, personally this would worry me more but I understand I don't have your other health conditions.

Do you mind me asking what they are? Xxx


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