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So my last gynaecologist appointment went okay, she's put me on zoladex, and booked and MRI and ct. which I have now had.

She said she would see me after my 3 months of zoladex unless the scans proved otherwise.

I haven't even been in zoladex a month and she wants to see me on the 5th on next month.

I'm ever so worried.

What might show up on scans endo wise for her to call me in in less than a month after my appointment?!

Help 😭

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Ok first thing try not to worry. Try to think if it as a positive you getting seen quickly . My MRI showed severe endo on the bowel but I didn't get seen any quicker. X

I know I have endo on my bowel, but I'm getting more more symptoms from it, so if it's showing on my MRI it must be bad. They said depending on my results I may have to have full bowel surgery and that's what's scaring me xx

has it penetrated the bowel wall ? Mine has and I am waiting major surgery !i have been having injections for the last 7 months waiting for an appointment.

They said it was too deep to shave off on my last op, and by the sounds of my MRI and symptoms it may have. Where abouts are you located so I can compare waiting lists xx

Also they might do day surgery first .an MRI will only show so much x

I am in Cambridgeshire x

I am on the border of Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire so my waiting list is Lincs x

Good luck for your next appointment x

Thank you x

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