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endo wait

Hey! this is my first post on here, I was wondering if anyone else is having to wait a long time for a gynaecology appointment? I first went to the doctors with extreme abdominal pain and abnormal bleeding in November, thankfully the doctor was able to make an emergency ultrasound which showed that there is free fluid in my abdomen, which the doctors think might be due to endometriosis. I was referred to gyno in January but the wait for an appointment in 11 months. The wait is causing me a lot of stress because the pain is constant everyday and has also moved to my right side, it is causing me bladder problems and back pains which painkillers/mefenamic acid don't seem to help much! I was wondering if anyone else has been through a similar situation? cheers x

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Hi there, sorry to hear you're in so much pain. Your symptoms ate very similar to mine. You should be able to book an appointment through the Choose and Book service. I went to my GP in January, I received a choice of appointments through the choose and book service in the post and I chose the BMI clinic because the waiting list was only three weeks whereas my two local hospitals were two months. I met my consultant in February, he told me to continue with the pill for three months without a break and go back to see him in May. I saw him last week, the pain is no better and so he's booked me in for a Laparoscopy and Cystoscopy in 4 weeks time pending funding approval from the CCG. My understanding is that once you've chosen your preferred service, you stay with them until discharged. The other thing to consider is that the NHS are supposed to see you within a specific timeframe, I think it's 18 weeks. You could contact the hospital Patient Advice Liaison Service (PALS) to see if they can push it along or at least find out why they think it's OK to leave you waiting 11 months. Good luck x

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Thanks everyone for the messages! It has been incredibly helpful, it is an extremely long wait but I'm sure I can do something to move it along. Thanks for the advice :) x



I got referred to gynaecology around July 2016 and got an appointment for a consultation in September. I originally chose a local hospital but after a month my chosen hospital contacted me to say they had a back log of appointments and I possibly wouldn't be seen until December. I chose a different hospital and was seen in September and in late March/ early May 2017 I was given a date for my laparoscopy which is on Monday. It felt like I had the longest wait!

I don't have all the symptoms you have but I found mefenamic acid did not help at for my pain. The only thing that takes the edge off of the pain is codeine, but that also makes me very drowsy.

I hope this helps! Sorry you are in so much pain x


Wow 11 months is ridiculous! I've been given a 3 month waiting time which I thought was bad enough :(


It usually takes me 3 months to get in and that was the same with my old Gynacologist too. Which i thought was really long because i get so much pain and always need to see mine.

I've never heard of an 11 month wait! That's ridiculous x


I'm afraid it's how it is I'm currently waiting to see my endo specialist in Bristol it's 3 months time seen him 4 years ago hoping this time for some sort of surgery if not I'm going ho have to go private and London it will be its horrible having to Waite so long when pain and bleeding is taking over every aspect of life I wouldn't wish this on anyone hold on in there if you really can't cope at times you can go to &

A&E for help much love hope you get something sorted xx


I had to wait for about 14 years to be referred, I had an appointment with gynaecologist after 3 or 4 months, further scan after 2months and was due another appointment at the beginning of June (3 months after scan) but it has been pushed back until August due to "unforeseen circumstances" which have amazingly been foreseen 3 months ahead of my appointment (probably someone paying privately) so I do think the times are getting longer... 11 months seems crazy though


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