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Miss diagnosed?

Has anyone been mis diagnosed with endo after having lapascopary... I had mine 4 weeks ago now, was quite sick after having it.

Woke up in absolute agony today 10/10 pain, was rushed to hospital couldn't stop throwing up due to pain, and was told by the dr he thinks I do have endo and it wasn't picked up on the camera when I had my operation... he is now referring me back to a gyno too see what's going on?!

I did pretty know after the op came back normal something wasn't right after having constant high ca125 blood tests and having extremely painful heavy periods which only last one day.....

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Not overly sure but if you had severe endo its damage as well as its big, almost black cyst would not be missed. Seeing theres a possibilty of endo being missed it would be a very mild form of the disease. Im not saying thats insignificant because people with mild can be in agony and people with severe can be pain free .. But the treatment for it would be the same, the pill or coil and painkillers. Surgery is only really advocated for severe endo and the damage it causes! You can be proactive and treat just incase!


That's what I thought, when I had the op the surgeon said everything was normal. He thinks my period and pain was to do with my other health conditions. I'm not able to go on any form of contraception because of that as I was just thinking about going back on the depot to stop my period...


Try the endo diet? You could push for another lap but is more surgery what you want? It can leave you worse off! Ive just had severe endo treated with excision and i can tell you surgery was a flop! Im 4 months post op and worse off! Plus Drs cant remove what they cant see .. My endo specialist told me post op they couldnt guatentee they got it all cuz they couldnt treat what they couldnt see! So might be pointless having a second lap just yet? Its hard to say really!


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