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Appointment Advice please (Manchester)

So here's my story in brief:

I'm 34 and had painful heavy periods for over 15 years, the last 5 years I've suffered with large clots during periods which meant I couldn't leave the house for a couple of days during my period as leakage was a big problem - as well as the pain. Saw my GP and she gave me some tablets - Ponstan but they did nothing.

During an MRI scan for a back issue they discovered a couple of cysts on my ovaries so I was sent for an abdomen and internal ultrasound. They kind of hinted at endometriosis. I got referred to gynaecology. I saw them and they recommended the mirena coil. After two goes at trying to get that in, it was not successful due to a twist in my cervix entrance. At my last appointment they said I have endometriosis.

I've had 3 months on Mefenamic acid and Tranexamic acid, it has definitely reduced the clots but not the pain. The pain is mainly on my left ovary (where I believe my ovary is). I get pain between periods too, stabbing pains.

So I have an appointment this Friday with my consultant and worried about what I should be asking for or what my options may be. I feel disheartened that these tablets haven't worked. I suffer from migraines so I'm restricted with what tablets I can have.

I'm just wondering what other people's experiences are with treatments etc.

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