Post hysterectomy and I think it's back

Hi all. In short I had a hysterectomy 4 years ago for endometriosis but was left with one ovary. For the past year or more I have been getting the same old pains and some spotting. I have been to my GP a few times, a point of bleeding could not be identified and I have basically been told that it won't be a return of Endo....

Could anyone shed any light on this and has anyone else been through similar. I'm thinking of asking for a referral to my surgeon who happens to be an Endo specialist.

Thanks all.


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  • Hi. I had a TAH and BSO in Feb 2015 and continued in pain so got to a bsge clinic and 5 weeks ago had endo excised and bowel unstuck and appendix out and finally feel better.

    So yes endo can return - more likely it's kept growing since hyster so you need to go back to specialist. I encountered so many medics who told me endo is not possible to still be there after a hysterectomy it was disheartening. Even endo specialists at bsge centres. Thankfully I did find someone that believed me eventually and she operated so it may take some perseverance but you'll get there. Good luck.

  • I'm in the same situation as you. Had a hysterectomy 2 years ago and a week ago my pain returned. Sorry you are in the same boat! xxx

  • From what I have read, and it is a lot!, endo can still return after a hysterectomy. With you having one ovary still remaining, that will still have been producing oestrogen, which, as we know, endo thrives on. I've not had a hysterectomy, but I know of some ladies who have and have seen a return of their endo. Even if the ovaries were removed and some ladies go on to have HRT, it can then also cause problems because of the oestrogen in the hormone therapy. It's certainly worth going back to your surgeon to discuss in more detail, or finding an endometriosis specialist. Endometriotic implants can also produce their own oestrogen too which can further flare things up, so I'd definitely get more specialist advice. Good Luck xx

  • Thank you so much for your replies. I was beginning to think maybe I was imagining it.... I'm going to ask to be referred back to the endo specialist I saw for my hysterectomy. I know it was quite widespread and he said he couldn't be sure they'd managed to get it all.... Fingers crossed eh.... xx

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