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1st Gynae consultant appt prep, suspected endo

After 50+ phone calls a day, contacting complaints department and perseverance, I finally have a Gynae consultant appt which will be in 10 weeks from being referred urgently from my GP due to worsening symptoms of suspected endo.

What questions do I need to ask? what experiences did you have meeting with a consultant suspecting you have endometriosis?

I have been writing down symptoms daily in a diary and what I've used/brought/tried to help.

Back to back birth control has been awful and pain relief is no longer helping. I don't want them to say 'continue' like last doctors appts went or for them not to believe me which is how I have felt so far :(

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I've been doing a lot of research, and I found a video on You tube. It's called Endometriosis Part 1 with Dr. Gregory Davis. He has a couple videos that you might find useful. he goes thru the video in the same way he conducts his appointments. Hope this helps...and good luck.

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I'm also in this position of waiting for my appointment and wondering how its going to go, I'm worried by 12 weeks from now i'll just be so used to all my symptoms that i'll forget to mention half of them so i probably should write them down, I feel like im going to push for a lap in my first appointment because i really can't bare waiting any extra time than I already have


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