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Hey Endo Ladies!

Outside of prescription medications, what are some products you use (ie. vitamins, hot packs, certain foods, books, ANYTHING) that you use to help aid the pain and discomfort on a high-pain day? For me, I like to take a steamy shower with lavender essential oils, then curl up on the couch with some tea and a hot pack wrapped around my abdomen and watch a movie!

Let me know when your personal tips and preferences are.


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I've found Omega 3 has really helped me. I stopped taking it recently as I was due to have my Mirena removed (I read that it can make bleeding worse) and I've definitely felt the difference of not taking it.



Thanks Janine!


Iv just recently started taking serrepeptase and it's working wonders for me I'm absolutely shocked only been taking it this week and my pain is minimal and my fatigue has improved drastically. Hope It continues to make me feel good. I use castor oil packs too recent thing also. Xxx


Hello, I'm not sure if it's a coincidence but I've been having a soreen ' lunch box loaf' every day at work : I have stage 4 endo and normally get bad migraines and feel ill at work most weeks BUT energy levels are much better recently and also notice a reduction in migraines...soreen contains iron and vitamins b1 and b3, I have adenomyosis so very heavy periods every month, not sure if the soreen is helping to top up iron and b vitamins, but going to enjoy the feeling while it lasts! X


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