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So frustrating.....bit of a rant, soory

After trying Femodette and it not working (2 wks of breakthrough bleeding) Lucy has now been put on Yasmin, however she has now started vomiting due to the pain. Today, after a 4 month wait, we have seen the consultant, who in January suggested she would put her on the list for a laproscopy....however, now she wants to keep her on Yasmin for 6 packs back-to-back, as she is only 14 yrs old. Lucy is devastated as she is in so much pain and was hoping of getting confirmation of endo - she is starting to think it is all in her head or she has a really low pain threshold. She is missing school or taking codeine and unable to concentrate. She looked terrible when she had a pill free week last week - the worst I have seen her. When I questioned the consultant about how to manage her pain, I was told to go to the GP and ask for a referral to a pain management clinic. We see the consultant again in another 4 months - her young life is passing her by, she is missing out on so much and having to drop subjects at school that she enjoys as she is physically unable to do them.

I understand the consultants advice and I know it may take a while for her hormones to settle down, but I feel life is on hold.....life is just not fair!

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Is the Consultant at a BSGE centre? X


No, I am seeing the GP tomorrow morning and I am going to ask about a referral. I am trying to get my head round the requirements for referral, as endo hasn't been confirmed yet.


GP has referred Lucy to another local hospital, which has a multi-disciplinary team - not the BSGE centre near us, but I am wondering if they are going for approval as one of the consultants has extensive experience in the laparoscopic treatment of endometriosis (the one that I have requested is put on the referral letter - fingers crossed).

Also, had a read of the 'Period repair manual' last night and wished I had read it over a year ago.....great advice on diet and nutrition, I am going to start Lucy on some additional supplements. She has gone gluten-free and dairy free, but is really struggling to drop refined sugar (too much chocolate let from Easter).

Trying to be positive!

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