Tips for things to get for post surgery

Hello! This is my first post.

I'm having excision surgery soon for severe endometriosis. I'm also travelling to a more experienced surgery so will have a 2 hour car journey to deal with once I'm let out of hospital (partner is driving).

Any tips of things that might be useful to do or get for post-surgery?

I think I've seen someone suggest to get a cushion to put on your belly for the car so the seatbelt isn't digging into you.

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Yeah the pillow thing is useful. Some gas tablets like windeze, bottled water or favourite drinks, comfy clothes. I wore lots of bigger size nighties and leggings, big pants! Comfy, easy to get on and warm shoes/socks/slippers.

I found a half filled water bottle to help as too full was too heavy and to sleep with a pillow under my legs/bum as it eases the pain of having my legs flat x

Thank you! Loads of good tips there. :)

Books/movies to keep you occupied. Tape your phone charger to your bedside table so you don't have to bend down/lean over to pick it up. Put clean sheets on your bed pre surgery so you come home to clean sheets. If your partner isn't much of a chef, prepare & freeze some meals. Have some comfort things to make you feel nice...lip balm, hand cream, nice scented candle .

The charger idea is great! I'd probably do that even if iwasnt having an op.

My partner is a great cook but is a freelance cameraman so either is about all the time or is working from early until I can get him to stock up the freezer for me incase he has to work.


Guys, do you mind if I make a blog post out of your tips and some I've collected elsewhere after I'm well enough to after my op? Plus any of my own I've figured out along the way!

Maternity leggings/trousers especially if the gas is retained, seriously comfortable even on wound sites.

I remember being so alarmed at the bloating from the gas (even in my face & neck!) didnt recognise myself & it wasnt explained to me ( I had emergency lap while in Holland on a trip) took a good 48hrs to slowly go.

I was considering getting some, so glad to hear that worked for you. I'm so uncomfortable even now in normal leggings so wear too big ones, but the legs are baggy 😅 I'll definitely get some in

If you are let out the same day as your surgery think about spending that night close to the hospital rather than take a long journey home the same day

I see youve had loads of tips so sorry if i double up!

Cushion was a must for me, life saver in the car. Other things im so glad i had were peppermint oil (as i found the shoulder pain from the gas the worst and a few drops in water really helped!). Stock up on dressings too, i found the hospital didnt give me any spares and i needed a few for at home. Have a sugary drink for the car journey as you might feel a bit sicky after.

Pack an overnight bag just incase you stay in (and stock it up with your fave snacks!) I ended up staying in and having a stockpile of sugary snacks kept me going.

Then just the obvious like stocking up on your food, having things you might need at a good height so you dont need to stretch. Maybe get some heat packs as an alternative to a hot water bottle if you dont get on with the weight on your stomach.

Good luck xx

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