Tips for things to get for post surgery

Hello! This is my first post.

I'm having excision surgery soon for severe endometriosis. I'm also travelling to a more experienced surgery so will have a 2 hour car journey to deal with once I'm let out of hospital (partner is driving).

Any tips of things that might be useful to do or get for post-surgery?

I think I've seen someone suggest to get a cushion to put on your belly for the car so the seatbelt isn't digging into you.

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  • Yeah the pillow thing is useful. Some gas tablets like windeze, bottled water or favourite drinks, comfy clothes. I wore lots of bigger size nighties and leggings, big pants! Comfy, easy to get on and warm shoes/socks/slippers.

    I found a half filled water bottle to help as too full was too heavy and to sleep with a pillow under my legs/bum as it eases the pain of having my legs flat x

  • Thank you! Loads of good tips there. :)

  • Books/movies to keep you occupied. Tape your phone charger to your bedside table so you don't have to bend down/lean over to pick it up. Put clean sheets on your bed pre surgery so you come home to clean sheets. If your partner isn't much of a chef, prepare & freeze some meals. Have some comfort things to make you feel nice...lip balm, hand cream, nice scented candle .

  • The charger idea is great! I'd probably do that even if iwasnt having an op.

    My partner is a great cook but is a freelance cameraman so either is about all the time or is working from early until I can get him to stock up the freezer for me incase he has to work.


  • Guys, do you mind if I make a blog post out of your tips and some I've collected elsewhere after I'm well enough to after my op? Plus any of my own I've figured out along the way!

  • Maternity leggings/trousers especially if the gas is retained, seriously comfortable even on wound sites.

    I remember being so alarmed at the bloating from the gas (even in my face & neck!) didnt recognise myself & it wasnt explained to me ( I had emergency lap while in Holland on a trip) took a good 48hrs to slowly go.

  • I was considering getting some, so glad to hear that worked for you. I'm so uncomfortable even now in normal leggings so wear too big ones, but the legs are baggy 😅 I'll definitely get some in

  • If you are let out the same day as your surgery think about spending that night close to the hospital rather than take a long journey home the same day

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