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Endo and weight gain

I got diagnosed with endo 3 years ago and have since been put on dual contraception (pill and mirena coil)

Before this I was a size 8/10 (apart from bloated days) and was always able to lose weight if needed.

Now that I'm on both contraception's the weight keeps piling on and no matter what I do I can't lose more than 2-4lbs at q time.

It's really dented my confidence as I'm now a size 12/14 and extremely uncomfortable with how I look.

Any tips or has anyone experienced the same sort of thing?

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It's happening to me at the moment too. I went on an extreme diet and didn't lose any weight at all. I have now been given zoladex which has slowed down my weight gain but at one point I put half a stone on in a week! Even when dieting. So you are alone :(

Hve you thought about doing diet plans like lighter life or diet chef? I know a lot of people that have lost a lot of weight and I actually lost 3 stone on lighter life when I was diagnosed but annoyingly with being on the pill and the coil it all has piled on again but im sure it would work?

Maybe talk to your Drs and see if they can change the pill you are on as it clearly isn't suiting you.


I have noticed it doesn't matter how well I eat, the carbs I cut, the veggies I eat.. losing weight is really hard, almost impossible. Maybe I should talk to my doctor too.


Hello! I've been on various different contraceptives, more recently they have tried the coil but I have found that even when I'm not hungry and haven't eaten very much I'm still not losing whereas usually I'd lose a lot. I know that losing 2lbs a week is frustrating but equally a loss is a loss, I'd take it! I'm currently at slimming world and get good losses with that (up to 7lbs a week but sometimes this can be 0.5lbs!) and I find it better than things like shake diets etc because it's also teaching you to eat better and feel better and you don't go hungry or feel faint etc which I have done on meal replacements. Have a little look around about it as it might be something you'd like - there's no major restrictions so doesn't feel like a diet as such!


Hi I am undiagnosed at the moment, but have been on various contraceptive pills since being a teen. I am nearly 35 and had coil fitted back in October. Injave out on nearly a stone! Now I know my ages does factor a bit, but I am an active individual, I go to the gym, jog and swim and I can't loose either. I have lost a few lbs by being super rigid, but I really have no balance. The second I look at something unhealthy I pile it back on. We are a healthy family but I really feel the odd glass or two of wine, or meal out shouldn't be making it so hard. I am going to ask for my coil removed to see if it helps. I too have gone from a size 10/12 and now into a 12/14! 😩

I work out to try and keep positive, and so that we can enjoy the nicer things from time to time. I would hate to consider what size I would be if o didn't bother! Xx

Feeling your pain xx


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