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Ovulation pain after laparoscopy


Has anyone experienced ovulation pain/twinges. I never have & mainly on my left side this month. I had a laparoscopy done about a month ago & I'm ovulating on the correct days. Could this be a good sign??

Desperately seeking to conceive. Laparoscopy found endo and my left Fallopian tube stuck to my bowel.

Thanks everyone x

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Yes I get pain when I ovulate some months its awful and others not so bad depending on what side I ovulate from. I had my endo removed and a cyst from my left side the end of march and I think last night was the first time I have ovulated since and it hurt more than I thought it would but must be because internally im not fully healed yet. I would take the twinges as a good sign :-) x

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Just wondering how you are getting on 7 months on? I had a lap end of august and for the first time this month I've had pains in my right side during ovulation. I'm concerned it could mean a cyst has come back. I start ivf this month but won't be scanned until I start injecting so bit concerned with these new pains. Did yours improve? X


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