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Weight Gain *possible trigger warning*

Hey ladies, so I know a lot of us endo sisters struggle with weight. Mine has always fluctuated and as a result I have struggled with various types of eating disorders for most of my life. I have been "recovered" for about 3 years now, but occasionally some of my endo issues (bloating, weight gain/inability to lose weight) trigger some ED related urges.

I am a performer, and last summer was extremely active during a 8 week show run. I lost weight, gained muscle, and was generally in great shape. I was able to maintain that until January of this year. I assumed at first it was holiday weight, but I also got on an estrogen only BC pill around the holidays. Since late December/early Jan I have gained almost 10 pounds, and it's causing extreme anxiety for me. I am now on the Mirena coil, and I have zero will power when it comes to food. Mood swings and stress are causing me to emotionally eat, while endo pain and being on my cycle non-stop since I got the Mirena inserted have caused an absolute lack of motivation to exercise.

In short, I need help! None of my clothes fit right, my hubby and I aren't having sex, and I'm miserable. Thinking about seeing a nutritionist, don't have access to an endo specialist in this area. Any and all suggestions welcome!

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Are you aware that candida and endo are both stimulation to grow by oestrogen and both produce their own types of oestrogen. Therefore if you have one it is likely that you have the other. If you eat carbs that increases candida in the bowel. If you reduce the carbs the candida sends you messages telling you that you must eat carbs. The only way to break the cycle is to cut back severely on carbs, eat plenty of live yoghurt, eat coconut (creamed coconut, coconut milk, coconut oil etc.), fresh garlic, oregano (there's a few other things that kill the candida). Eat plenty of root veg to replace potatoes or other carbs at meals. This will make you feel rotten for weeks whilst you body adjusts, the first few days are worst. But after that you can gradually go back to eating some carbs. This is a much more health diet and more natural.

I'm not sure how this relates to the different medications, any eostrogen in them will obviously affect the candida but I'm not sure about how they affect your moods or how much the diet will help with that side of thing.


I've never even heard of candida. Will definitely do some research. Thanks for the heads up!


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