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Endometriosis pain after ablation

Hi all! I'm new here. I have not yet been diagnosed with endo, but it seems to be the only thing left that accounts for my pain/symptoms.

I had endometrial ablation done a few months ago because the gynaecologist I saw recommended it for my heavy flow. Despite the numerous other symptoms (mainly pain) that were far more problematic for me than the flow, I agreed to do the ablation because it would happen fairly soon and I previously had at least one day each cycle where I could hardly leave my house for fear of bleeding through. So that problem is now dealt with, but...

Fast forward to now. I don't bleed anymore when it's "that time" (which is awesome), BUT that also means I don't have my menses as a reminder of where I'm at in my hormonal cycle, and I haven't thought to track my symptoms until now. So now it seems like I've been suffering with pelvic and abdominal pain for weeks. It used to be pretty closely tied to my period and ovulation, but lately it seems like I don't even get a day off. I'm also getting bouts of diarrhea and cramping the last couple weeks since I had a colonoscopy (which had no abnormal findings). I thought it was just a stomach bug, but nobody around me is ill, and I feel fine otherwise (no fever or other symptoms of illness). In between those bouts, I feel like I have gas pain almost constantly, but then I sit on the toilet for what seems like forever and nothing comes out. Just a lot of pressure. UTI test was negative, so it's not my bladder.

Has anyone experienced this? Did I just not notice it before, or is it getting worse? I'm concerned that the ablation process might have pushed out more endometrial tissue into my abdomen and caused an even bigger problem.

I see my gynaecologist later this week, so hopefully he'll be able to give me some answers and/or help me out!


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I have very similar symptoms but have had no let up with pain after awaking from my ablation in agony in December I can hardly walk now or sit up for very long without a lot of pain. After backwards and forwards to a and e and gyne ward over Xmas and all through Jan after MRI and couple of ultrasounds at the last ultrasound in Feb they say I have post ablation syndrome and only cure is hysterectomy I have my pre op Friday. 😪

Before ablation I had adenomyosis and fibroids.

The 2 ultrasounds I've had since the ablation show endometrium getting thicker and thicker it was 4mm in Jan then 13mm in Feb I have had no periods since ablation so I presume it just getting thicker as Dr said tissue is growing behind the ablation scarring and also have 3mm fluid in walls of uterus and one of my ovaries is very swollen in the 2nd ultrasound to 4x the size it was in first ultrasound and now has a 3.5cm hermorragic cyst again that was in feb. all a lot more swollen now and everyday is a struggle. I had a novasure ablation and also have contacted the novasure company and they have replied and are looking into it.

the letter I have from hospital says I am in the 2- 3% of women who get post ablation syndrome after an ablation.

I too had heavy flow but it really wasn't my worst symptom and I'd rather bleed everyday than this pain and digestive issues I can barely eat and can only sleep a few hours at a time bladder also so painful 😔

Maybe ask for ultrasound so they can see what's going on.?

Hope your pain improves and you get some answers on Friday.💗


Doing a squat yoga position helps me when bowel very painful 💗 Also cutting out wheat sugar and dairy a little seems to help too 😖😖😖 although sometimes whatever you do it just hurts I have blood in my stools too on and off for months even before ablation but have been given gastro appointment in June so not sure of the point of that ... is that why you had a colonoscopy if you don't mind me asking .


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