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just been diagnosed!! now what???

I had my lap 2 days ago, they said they found endometriosis in the pouch of douglas, and hence the reason the womb was tilted and fixed. no treatment was done as they said it was only diagnostic and there getting me back in clinic to discuss it. I seen on the paper work it was only stage 1 so surely this wouldn't need treatment as I've already been on cerelle for 7 months????

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Hi, how are you feeling? Lap pain is yucky if you're up to I I find a good walk helps release the blown up pain.

I had a lap many years ago they found stage 4 I was then exactly where you are now. Waiting for treatment plan I had a second lap & after that lots of different treatments. Stage 1 is less likely to affect your fertility but take treatment either continue on pill or what ever they suggest.

Preserving your fertility is not to be underestimated my treatments didn't really work so I never really stuck with them didn't have a good gynaecologist. I hated the effects of hormones on my body. I had the mirena for 5 years which was probably the least complicated and reasonably effective. I can recommend that until you may want to have children they might suggest it.

I will never have children treatments now are more advanced. I have now been scanned again probably going to need surgery but focus now willl be relieving symptoms as I'm too old to conceive.

Stage 1 now is good but if you don't take recommended treatment it can easily become 2,3 or 4.


thank you to be fair I'm not In that much pain and haven't got any gas pain, I cooked a dinner for 8 yesterday and the wound come open so today I'm going to rest I got really shouted at by the nurse's, so sorry to hear you've got it really bad I feel so lucky. I would like more children but maybe in two years time as I'm on roaccutane so can't get pregnant yet. are they more than likely going to tell me to stay on the pill then? I wish they would of fixed my womb in to normal position I feel that's the main cause of the problems xxx


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