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Hi there, I'm 17 and have not been diagnosed with endometriosis but my mum and I are convinced I have it. Since I was 12 and my periods started I have been having very bad lower back pain and stomach pains. This seems to just keep getting worse and today I was writhing around on the floor for hours in agony. I also have very sporadic periods, always have bleeding in between periods and I am very fatigued even though I sleep plenty each night. I have been going to different GPs for years and have had a blood test and an ultrasound scan that showed nothing. Multiple doctors I have been to have told me it is all in my head and is triggered by my anxiety.

The pain I get each month is getting more and more unbearable and is massively effecting my college work. I don't really know where to turn at this point and was just wondering if anyone had and advice on what to do and weather you might think I do have endo or not. Thank you

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  • It does sound like endo, sorry. Each lady with endo experiences it differently but the pain and fatigue are classic symptoms. I can sometimes sleep 13 hours and still feel tired!

    Get a referral to one of the special centres. If you Google endo centres you should get a list, then ask your GP to refer you and the experts can check you out.

    Best wishes xx

  • Have phoned the GP today and have an appointment in three weeks. Just worried the same thing will keep happening as I have been referred many times over the last 6 years with no luck

    Thank you for your message Xx

  • Hi!

    It certainly sounds like endo! I was 18 when I was diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis after 10 years of begging the doctors to refer me, I got and still get extremely bad lower back pain especially when I lie down and relax, extremely heavy periods with clotting to the point I could never move out of bed! I also had an ultrasound and nothing showed up on mine but when i fi ally had surgery the endo was everywhere! I would keep going back to your doctor and try and get a referral! You could also possibly try if you would like to seeing the nurse to put you on the 3 month contraception injection it completely stopped my cycles so I no longer get the pain of having a monthly!

    Best of luck! X

  • That sounds really horrid for you! I will keep going back, just feel like I am banging my head on a brick wall! I will also look into the contraception injection as that sounds hopeful!

    Thank you X

  • You need to ask to be referred to a gynaecologist now xx

  • Hi,

    Im 24 and im also not diagnosed. I started having more noticeable problems at 18. I bled in between periods, I had to go back on the pill because of this. Lower back pain that gets worse when I lie flat. Painful periods, painkillers wont help. I had to be prescribed strong ones as Im crippled. Im constantly tired now. Like i say, im 24 and they are getting worse. I though this was normal all my life. Its not. Put the pressure on and get answers. Thats what Im going to do! I understand the frustration you feel. I feel the same today. :/

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