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Help getting diagnosed


For the last few years I've been suffering with all the symptoms of endo, been on the pill tried every pain med currently on depo which stops my periods but it keeps getting worse. Been on NHS waiting list 6 months after finally getting my doctor to refer me. Im at breaking point I'm always in pain and constantly exhausted, I don't know what to. I just want someone to see my pain. is there any good cheapish private clinics in northern Ireland anyone knows off? Any advice would be mmuch appreciated..

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Hi, I’m not sure about private clinics in NI but I would suggest return to your GPs surgery and ask for them to get one of their secretaries to chase up your referral ASAP.

I feel for you and just wanted to send you positive thoughts to help you on your way.

If secretary is reluctant to help I’d contact appointments directly through the hospital to see which day you are due to be seen. Good luck x

I don’t have advice unfortunately but just wanted to let you know that I was in a similar situation but it does get better! You will eventually find answers and find some relief.. it’s a long process but worth the fight. Good luck

I do not have information regarding private clinics in Northern Ireland, but on the Nancy Nook group you can find a list of many endo surgeons in the UK. I suggest you join and check out the "Surgeons International" file. In the meantime, get your vitamin D levels checked out, try going on an anti-inflammatory diet, take supplements (which depend on your needs and symptoms). Go to bed at around 10 pm if you have to wake up before 8 am. Try to go for a light, brief walk every couple of days. Try Epsom salt baths to help too.

I cannot suggest anything else at the moment with the info provided.

Thank you so much everyone I'll do everything you say :)

Try Dr D Quinn in Belfast 352... I when to him and he was brill

If you aren’t already, keep a pain/period diary. Mine really helped when I saw consultants, especially when they tried to tell me I had IBS

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