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hi all, can anyone tell me what there endo symptoms are/were? im driving myself into a depression thinking i have ovarian cancer. my symptoms seem nothing like anyones here. i wrote a post earlier but no replies, i have;

severe pain in my right ovary

when i get my period my pain gets better almost like a relief for my ovary

i get niggles in my left side but i hardly ever get them compared to my consistant right ovary pain.

as soon as my period stops i am in agony again for practically the whole month.

i get the usual boobs hurting before i come on.

irregular periods

pain during sex

very small amount/spotting of blood after sex (only a few times)

ive convinced myself i have ovarian cancer especially after an ultrasound showed a 'possibility' (gyne's words) that i could have PCOS which has made me parinoid that thats cancer.

thankyou xxx

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I think everyone has different symptoms. Mine are pain in my right hand side which is crippling for a few hours and then a dull ache for days on end as well as pain going down my right leg. Heavy periods from day one with clots, backache, cramps and pain radiating down my legs. Bloating as well as constipation after which going to the toilet can be excruciating. Lack of energy and feeling light headed. Although I was bleeding 7 days after a period for a week but I had a polyp removed and my periods went back to a normal cycle. I do also have adenomyosis and multiple fibroids so not sure what is and what is not enforce related. My symptoms all matched ovarian cancer so I was fast tracked to a gynaecologist clinic and then a year later I had a lap which diagnosed all my symptoms. Hope this is of some help.

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thankyou, i feel like im going out of my mind. i dont want to leave my house because of the pain etc. im on the waiting list for a lap but am going back to GP next week to express my concerns and see if she can put me more as 'urgent' for my lap the waiting list is so long. thankyou for your reply x


Some of my symptoms match yours so you are not alone. I am in pain all month (left side where they found a cyst) and it's only when I have a period I seem to get any relief. But a lot of symtoms that match ovarian cancer also match many other things such as endo and I think we all panic sometimes and think the worst especially when we're in pain constantly. I don't think I go through a month without thinking I have something more serious and upset myself as even though a ultrasound confirmed my cyst disappeared, all my pain is on my left and very intense. But try not to worry as it definitely will make you feel worse, i'm sure if you talk to your doctor they might be able to push things forward, we're all here for support!


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