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Looking for other people's experience of Endo and ovary removal!


I am 38 and I have stage 4 Endo and I have just had to have both ovaries removed due to the damage made with cysts and very aggressive Endo growth which accelerated after a failed ivf treatment. I wondered if there were any other ladies that had gone through similar and if they could share their experience with recovery and HRT. Thanks

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Hi there. I had both ovaries removed a couple of years ago and tried several different HRT. Patches, tablets,coils, you name it. I found that I was progesterone intolerant as I was getting terrible nausea and feeling really ill on a number of them. By process of elimination and then a visit to an hrt specialist, I am now on Estrogen gel only-a very low dose . As I couldn't take progesterone I have now had a hysterectomy. One thing that the hrt consultant talked about was the fact that normal gynaecologists don't know about, or don't consider important is the role testosterone plays in women's bodies. It took the highly expensive hrt consultant to bring this to my attention. They use testogel off licence. It restores energy and drive. Not just sex drive! It is naturally produced in our ovaries, so once they go, no more testosterone. Unfortunately I was also intolerant of that too, but I know others who really benefit from it. Once you find the right HRT it can make your life so much better, but it can be bit of a pain getting there.

I don't remember too much about the recovery, apart from we went on holiday about 6 weeks after the op, and that was the wrong thing to do as I was still in pain and really suffering with the different HRT.

Hope that helps! X

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