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Endo pains and hepes related?

Hi all, so last night i had horrendous pelvic pain on the left side which was radiating into my back, down my left leg and a shooting pain from my belly button lap scar down the middle of my stomach. It started very mild later afternoon yesterday so i still did my aerobic exercise and afterwards all night the pain got very intense. I'm just wondering does anyone know if it can also be related to a hepes outbreak, or could it cause an endo flare up to start? Or is it just a coincidence.

I've recently been diagnosed with that they think to be genital hepes and was put on acyclovir which helped and after a week it felt much better, however two days later i'm now feeling the tingling feeling and what looks like the rash possibly reappearing. I also have itching around the entrance of my vagina and a non-smelling discharge.

I'm at my wits end with my body recently!

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