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Help, Sharp stabbing pain in abdomen struggling and really need to be ok for work 😔

Hi there,

Just after some advice, I have really bad sharp stabbing pain in right side of my abdomen.

I've tried tens machine hot water bottle various painkillers none of which are working.

Can anyone suggest anything else to try and help me I work in a physical job (in a nursery with 3-5 year olds) so I'm constantly on the go & don't like to show that I'm struggling and in pain.

Thanks in advance

Joely x

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I'm in literally the exact same boat as you, even working in a similar setting! I find comforatble shoes and loose trousers help loads, letting your boss know and being able to take regular breaks, I go into the quiet room when the pain gets too much. Are you on the pill or anything?

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Thank you for replying Hun,

I'll definitely be taking your advice on board my boss is so supportive I only started there in December so sorry I'm too much of a hassle if you know what I mean- I'm on Depo started in again today x


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