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Just wondering if any other ladies here have this condition? I've been struggling with examinations (especially with speculum) and the specialist nurse at the hospital I'm treated at mentioned this as a possible cause of my difficulties with examinations. Speculum use is the only time I struggle with pain, exam with fingers and transvaginal ultrasounds have been fine. My GP used the small speculum when I struggled with the standard one and this was also fine.


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I found out u have vaginismus when I went to c a gynecological about pain related to endo. He was lovely about it and recommended I use vaginally dilators to help train my muscles into relaxing. And it has helped a bit (I've been using them for 6 months) but it is a long process.

He also recommend using sylk lube. It helps relax muscles as well.

Also next time ur due an examination ask to put the instrument in urself. It is more comfortable. Cause u have control.

Hope this helps.

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Hi janine I've always been similar in that the standard size speculum hurts but scans & the 2 finger examinations aren't so bad. I've had 3 rounds of IVF so there's been lots of internals with transvaginal probes & speculums to carry out the embryo transfer and some times have been more bearable than others.

One doctor did try using a smaller speculum but said it wasn't long enough to actually see my cervix, like you that was a lot easier though.

I then had a private appointment with a fantastic consultant who did a extremely gentle manual examination and said he could feel nodules of endo in my vaginal canal which would explain the pain. My last laparoscopy before that was 3 years previously so it could have grown since. The problem is we then anticipate pain during examinations and tense up, it's a vicious circle isn't it. I hope you can get some answers & support. I've just managed by taking pain relief about an hour or so beforehand and using Bach's flower remedy to help me relax about it a bit. Lots of luck xx

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I feel the same pain. I'm in menopause, so am dry, which makes it worse.


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