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Is this normal

Hi, I have been diagnosed with endometriosis about 10 years ago..

I suffer from chronic pain, but over past few years I am unable to sit for long on a chair due to incredible pain in my coccyx and just recently I have terrible pain down both my legs and

Into feet.. I have had numerous MRIs and steroid injections into my back but the specialist have said they think that this pain is caused by my endometriosis, which they can now see on MRI as it has grown soo much..

I'm taking soo much medication and really wanted to know if anyone else has these symptoms.

I'm soo worried about having another laparoscopy as asfter the last op to remove the endometriosis I came out of the anaesthetic not being able to empty my bladder and developed interstitial cystitis which is now also ruling my life. I'm soo scared of developing something else if they operate.. my endometriosis is all in pouch of Douglas and behind cervix near coccyx...

Please could you tell me if anyone else has experienced my symptoms

Rachel x

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Hi Rachel,

That's sounds horrible. I have had pain like that, not constantly but certainly on and off over the years. I some times will get a shooting pain in my bum too, like a hot poker. I have endo in pod. I also have IC and that is horrible.

I have to say the two things that have helped are, trips to a chiropractor (not cheap but has helped pain) and no sugar (that's not easy).

Hope you find an answer and feel better.

Sarah x


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