Hi guys.

It's been a few weeks since I've posted, I'm still suffering terribly with my endometriosis to the point where tramadol doesn't help the pain anymore and I've been off work for 4 weeks.

My problem is that I've been feeling extremely depressed because of everything that's been going on and happened. I was at the docs on Monday and they found a very large lump in my stomach that's either a cyst or a massive build up of endo and that was just the tipping point for me.

I'm finding it very difficult to pluck up the courage to talk to a doctor about how I've been feeling because I can't keep going on like this. I wouldn't even know where to start or what to say.

Any advice/replies are greatly appreciated.


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  • Hiya, I've not really got any advice for you but just wanted to reply to say you aren't alone. I think we've spoken before and are at a similar stage in our journey! I've been feeling really down for the past few weeks and getting really emotional, just want to have a normal life again and to be able to make plans with friends. I've been off work since 9th Feb and have the doctor later today and I think I'm likely to be signed off again. I really don't want anti-depressants as I think after my laparoscopy I can sort myself out but feel I need to let the doctor know how I'm feeling. I know it's hard but try keep your head up.

  • I'm not long back from the doctor and have been signed off work again. I mentioned how down I've been and he said that it's very common for people with chronic pain to get down but he told me to try and keep busy even if it's just going a drive in the car. I feel a bit better now I've got it off my chest and he is aware of it. If you do go back to your gp just take your time (I cried today) and explain how you feel. Good luck x

  • Thanks vee, you've been a lot of help through my journey. I didn't bother phoning the GP today, I'll give it a few days and see how I feel. I made some cakes today and done some cleaning to take my mind off things and it seemed to work but now I'm absolutely aching. Hope you're doing okay and everything's going fine, if you need to chat, please feel free to message me x

  • Thanks, you too! Same to you, if you need a chat just send me a wee message. X

  • Hello, I felt the same and kept putting it of until I told the Gynocologist that I feel like I can't work anymore as since before and after having the laparoscopy I just seem to be going downhill, with the result, pain & not being able to cope with working as I felt overwhelmed and too emotional, also started a new hormone therapy which makes me feel like crying 24/7, very down. Anyway, the point I wanted to get to is, that your not alone, I think it's important for you to get emotional support, my Gynocologist referred me to a doctor/psychiatrist who knows all the ins and outs of my condition, I wasn't sure about it as I was worried she was just going to prescribe me anti depressants, which she did talk about but I personally don't believe that's a solution and she agreed, so far I have only been once this week and due to go back Friday, I think it's a step in the right direction for me and it's going to help me, I really believe that when your going through so much it helps to have this kind of support, it's a lot to deal with and not everyone seems to understand this, actually to start of with I was not keen on going but it really has been positive. I have been off work for 6 weeks (before operation& after) and now off for 6 weeks-ish as I explained the situation at work after seeing this psychiatrist. I felt I couldn't explain how I was feeling but you need to try to be strong and tell them exactly how you wrote it here, say you find it difficult to talk about it but you are finding it all very difficult now...I found it terrifying to explain how I felt to the doctors and to work but you need to really do this to get the right help. I think the more open you are and explain everything the better it will be, be brave, I wish you lots of strength and hope you feel better soon x

  • Thank you for your comment, what you said makes sense and I think I will eventually mention it to my GP because the sooner I get some sort of help the better instead of leaving it to eat me alive. Hope you're doing well and everything's okay X

  • I think you should really talk to your doctor, depression and chronic pain and illnesses tend to go in hand because of isolation and symptoms.

    One of my friends has severe depression and she went to her doctor and was sent to a psychiatrist so that she can do therapy and has the option on going anti-depressants.

    Hormones are also lovely since they can lead to mood swings in some of us, every period I cry at puppy commercials and yell at the littlest things.

  • I think I will be going back to the doctor 100%. I've had 2 periods this months and several breakdowns because of the pain, it's becoming too much to handle. X

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