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No pain since January and no period and now nipples really sore

HI I had surgery in Aug last year to see how bad endometriosis was and get my tubes checked.I came out of surgery and sent home to go bk in 3-4 weeks that was 7 month ago still nothing from gyno. I had a period in January was Light and not as painful as normal. Since then I haven't had any periods. I've had little cramp feelings in stomach but nothing like the normal pain. I keep getting palpation in my chest and going really hot to the point my face would flush. That was couple weeks ago they have stopped and now my nipples are really sore I toke pregnancy test and it's negative. Don't know wats going on.

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Perhaps I'm misunderstanding but are you still waiting for a post-op consultation? Perhaps call the gynae secretary and chase up your appointment, or call your GP surgery and see if they can chase it up for you.


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