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Pains on right side really low since having my little boy 2 years ago today


Hi I'm 25 yrs old been experiencing pains on my right side and sometimes on the left, been 2 gp to many times had scans nothing shows, 6 periods in 8 week, hurts during intercourse. Had internal and external scans on ovaries but no answers. Went to doctors on Monday and May aswell been invisible :(, I take to many pain relief for last 2. Anyone else had this

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Beg for a referral to gynaecology. Endo can't be seen on scans occasionally it can but only when a endo specialist knows what they're looking for. My problems started after I had my little boy who turned 5 the weekend before last. Nobody listened to me for over 4 years until I begged for a referral to gynae. Had diagnostic lap last November to find very severe stage 4 endo. As I would then need 2 specialist surgeons to operate I had to wait again. I just had my op finally 2 weeks ago! So now in recovery. Please don't let yourself get fobbed off like I did. I have been through hell these last 5 years more so this year I would hate for you to get that bad.xx

My endo didn't show until I had my son. The pill masked it I think. It won't necessarily show on scans. You'd need a laparoscopy to investigate. If I were you I'd ask for a referral to an endo specialist as (unless you're very lucky) many gps don't seem to know much about it and you have symptoms. Good luck xx

go to endo specialist. they can pick it up with scan.

Totally agree with all the comments so far. Endo does not generally show up on scans, and the only way to find out of you have it is via diagnostic laparoscopy.

Don't be put off by the fact that Doctors seem to ignore or overlook you - it is common. My Endo symptoms went untreated and incorrectly diagnosed for 9 years (or 28 years, if you count from when I first had period problems as a youngster!). This is VERY familiar to women with Endo; on average it takes 7 years to get a diagnosis. You really DO need to push to see an Endo specialist, or somebody who is familiar with, and comfortable with, dealing with the symptoms of Endo.

Sometimes, Doctors can make mistake, and get Endo symptoms confused with other illnesses. So, if your Doctor tells you that it's something else (stress, anxiety and IBS seem to be common mis-diagnoses), but you feel this is not accurate and does NOT properly explain your symptoms, keep pushing. This is YOUR body, and you know it (plus how you usually feel) - so it is only fair that a Doctor takes you seriously, and listens to what you have to say.

Endo DOES seem easy for Doctors to confuse with other illnesses, as some of the symptoms are similar to things like Irritable Bowel, infections or upset stomach, or maybe even appendicitis - however, it is essential that you make sure your Doctor is aware of any symptoms that are CYCLICAL in nature (i.e. associated with your periods/menstruation) as this points to Endo or something of a Gynae nature. It may be a good idea to keep a SYMPTOM DIARY that you can take to appointments with you.

Low back and pelvic pain can be symptoms of Endo (I certainly have them), as can pain with intercourse (ditto!). Endo can cause changes to your periods, making them heavier, more painful, or irregular. These are ALL things that you NEED to get properly checked out, as they seem certainly to be suggestive of some sort of Gynae problem. For more information on Endo symptoms and places it is located, try reading

It is not right, and surely NOT even ethical, for a Doctor to leave a women to suffer pain unaided (except for lots of over the counter painkillers). Keep asserting yourself, and spend time getting clued up on Endo, as well as documenting your own symptoms. The more you know your body, and your rights as a patient, the better.

Wishing you all the best,

E. x

Hi Emma

I'm certainly no expert on Endo but i most def agree with the other very good advice put on here. I have only recently joined this chat room as support is vital during obtaining a diagnosis and afterwards. I visited every specialist I was sent to and it was exhausting but I knew that I wasn't well and in considerable pain.

I had three lots of surgery before they confirmed my Endo as after a laparoscopy I got the all clear.... I was suffering all the associated pain and problems but they found no trace in my uterus or ovaries.

It was only after a needle core biopsy into my groin that they found it and now (4 years later) it's been confirmed I have endo but as far as they can tell, only on my Lymph nodes!! This all started with me finding a painful lump in my groin (which I was told was a pulled muscle originally) and I have seen so many people it became ridiculous.

If the worst of your pain is cyclical (like said below) then I would say this is a clear symptom for you to get a gynae referral. I also sought assistance from PALS (patient liaison service) at my Hosp and they managed to speed things up a bit... Worth a try!

Good luck and don't let them fob you off. Keep going until you get a clear diagnosis... Nobody should live in pain

My pain is mostly lower right hand side too, occasionally the left. You need to push for a referral to gynaecology. I was seen by a gynaecologist in April after going to a&e and he referred me for an ultrasound, but made it very clear that endometriosis will not show up on the scan. He mainly wanted me to be checked for cysts. As you've already had ultrasounds the gynecologist will be able to discuss either trying a certain type of contraceptive pill to see if it eases your symptoms or about having a laparoscopy done (quick keyhole surgery) as this is the only 100% accurate way to diagnose endometriosis. I'm waiting to have the same thing done at the moment. It's totally not on that you have to push, but unfortunately is the only way at times.

Hi emaweegirl.... Good luck for your surgery. Just wanted to reassure you that if the lap you're having comes back clear from Endo (like mine did so no 100% guarantee for me like was promised by gynae) but you're still experiencing Endo symptoms and pain don't be put off seeking answers... Mine was eventually found solely on my lymph nodes and took them 4 years and 3 lots of surgery to diagnose... Eventually discovered after a core biopsy. The best advice I can give to anyone with doubt is to have belief in yourself and how you feel... Don't let them make you think you're going mad and making it up. I know that's how I felt... Just keep at them until you get answers

Good luck to all

Thank you! I only had the ultrasound yesterday so waiting for the results from that. Then will go back to gyny to discuss surgery. Thanks for your advice. I'll keep that in mind nearer the time :) x

I'm certain everything will be fine for you.. Just something to bear in mind... Good luck and keep us all updated x

Sorry to hear so many women being fobbed of by doctors. I sufferd for years with pain . And kept getting scans that don't show endo up. And kept getting told it was my muscle spasms. Till I broke down to my doctor which by the way was a women doctor. An referred me to my gynaecology doctor. Who is great you have to keep pushing them Hun . Don't take no for a answer it's your body after all not there's Hun. Hope you get your appointment and the take it from there fingers crossed xx

Thankyou all so nice to be listened to, I went back again today and gave me different tablets that I've got to take while I'm on my monthy, some acid tablets, haven't been to get them, because sick of taking tablets,

Will call again to get another appointment, thankyou xx

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