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Vaginal vault lesion post hysterectomy


Hi ladies, I had a hysterectomy last June at 34yrs old after years of battling endo, adenomyosis and PID. The hysterectomy was a success and I felt normal for the first time in years but by Nov I started to experience troublesome symptoms again. I have a constant dragging sensation in my vagina, back pain, pain with sex and generally feeling quite unwell. I had an ultrasound and MRI which shows a sac filled with fluid that has grown on my vaginal vault. I have been told traditional surgery is too dangerous as the sac is running far too close to my bladder and after having a terrible reaction to the anesthetic after my hysterectomy, they don't feel my body could handle another long abdominal surgery. I am having a procedure where they will drain the sac under ultra sound whilst awake. I wondered if anyone else had experienced this? After going through the trauma of the hysterectomy I am devestated to now have to go through this and feeling very anxious that no one really seems to understand what this sac is. They have ruled out haematomas and cysts due to the shape/size and contents. I had a bicorunate uterus and have a number of congenital defects (1 kidney/mitral valve prolapse and an autoimmune disease) and they are putting it down to my unusual anatomy and recurrent infections post surgery. Just needing a bit of reassurance and advice. Thanks 🙏 xxx

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Hi I had a drain fitted whilst awake they tried to do it with ultra sound but couldn't so I had it done in the ct scanner I'm not going to lie it wasn't the best experience I've been through but I'd pick that over a general any day as I also react badly to most medications!! Mine was abscesses unfortunately the drain worked but they filled back up within a month! Ask for plenty of pain relief before you go in! Once the drain was in I couldn't feel it, it was a bit gross having the bag but no worse than a catheter! Taking it out wasn't to bad either!! My best advice for u is pain relief and lie back shut your eyes and try to concentrate on any else I was thinking of Jamaica!! It's not as scary as it sounds just don't be afraid to tell them if it's hurting whilst they are fitting it. Hope this is helpful and please let me know how u got on good luck xx

Katinldn in reply to Jenburd32

Thank you so much. As they were describing it to me I just kept thinking 'well this sounds bloody awful!' The things we women have to go through. Thanks for the advice. Can I ask...did they give you antibiotics to prevent infection? X

Jenburd32 in reply to Katinldn

Yes they did and don't panic it's only a small tube I don't even have a scar! It is a strange sensation are the going to fit a drain or try and empty the sack there and then? They can send you home with a drain fitted!! If you have any questions please just ask x

Katinldn in reply to Jenburd32

I am reassured about the antibiotics. They are going to drain it there and then as it's not too large. Thanks so much for replying. It reassuring to hear that others have experienced it too xxx

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