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Need some advice please

In November after various symptoms I was referred for an ultra sound and told by stenographer that I had a cyst. Went back to GP for results but he was more interestedly in talking about my depression and medication. As I was walking out the door I asked him about the cyst and was told it was endromitrial but at 5cm was nothing to worry about. I'm sure that is the case but what does it mean? Do I have Endometriosis? Should I go back? I think the cyst has burst - had 48 hours of agony and heavy bleeding. But despite this my periods are still really irregular and last for 3 weeks at a time. Despite having lost a lot of weight my stomach is bloated. I have zero energy. Appreciate any advice, thank you.

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A 5cm endometrioma (if this is what you have) is likely to require surgery xx


Ask for a referral and get a specialist's advice 😊


Go and see a different doctor for a second opinion if your surgery has multiple doctors. Def get a second opinion.


Hi if you have suspicion the cyst has burst you need to seek medical help -at the ER if neccesary. I seem to remember there can be danger to health if a cyst is burst.

If your gp is not listening consider getting a second opinion or another GP. If you like that GP try going in with a list of concerns and clear request eg refferal to Gynae or BSGE centre? if your in UK

Ultrasound never showed any of my endo and later I found I had severe deep infiltrating endo. This would only be confirmed either way by a laproscopy. I don't know the details and am not a doctor. Going by my own experiences I feel it would have been appropriate for a GP to at least offer a referral on getting result in ultra sound which showed something. Good luck


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