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Could it still be Endo?

Hello everyone. My name Sholsy. I am lady of 35 years and a mother of two girls. I haven't heard of Endo in my life until I stumbled upon this group when I was surfing the internet to find explanation to the unbearable pains I used I feel once in a while on my navel. About 6 months back I noticed a small lump on my navel, painful, swollen and bleeds anytime it burst.. I went to the hospital and i was given some antibiotics. The pain left and came back after some times but this time happened during and throughout my period... It happened for another 3 months during my period only. This got me thinking and surf the internet and I got to know about this group and what Endo means. For 3 months, my navel would swell during my period and bleed through out the period of my menses. I chatted with a doc and he said it could be naval infections. But for some months now, the pains only come once in a while, maybe for 3 days in a month, not during my period any longer...the lumps will shrink and reappear only when the pains returns. And it not so unbearable like I hear from most people. And I haven't taken any medication!

Do you think its Endo? Can it go by itself or it can become worse? Do you think I still need to see a doctor? I am in Africa where many people including doctors don't know about Endo... I need good advice please...thank you.

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