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I've been told to take norethisterone continually for the past 6 months. My stomach has been really bloated the past few weeks and I've been in a constant cramping pain. I haven't had a period since December and thought maybe if i have a period it might help with the bloating, i haven't started my period yet but my pain is starting to grow stronger and now I'm starting to think maybe it was a bad idea to have a period. 😣

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Hi I have been on Northistrone for just over a year now. I do feel bloated but it controls pain quite well. I have severe endo and adenomyosis. I stop taking it every 3 months for 10 days and have a bleed as I feel I need one as I get very bloated by that point and my boobs get sore. The bleed is very heavy with big clots and painful I can't work for 5 days but afterwards I feel better. Hope that's useful. Kind regards- Em :)


Thank you. With me it does nothing apart from stopping my periods.


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