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Dr's receptionists. Honestly!

Had my preop at hospital on Monday. They rang me yesterday to say that there had been a screw up with one of my blood tests and it needs to be repeated, so they would contact my GP's surgery and get them to arrange it so I wouldn't have to travel back into London.

Gp's surgery rang me today and told me I need to ring them tomorrow to make sure someone prints out the test form, then I need to collect the test form and take it to the local hospital to the walk in clinic to have the blood drawn (because they won't slot me in with the phlebotomist and no-one else at the surgery can do it despite it being urgent). Then I have to ring them back next week to check the results are in and make sure they fax them over to the hospital otherwise they won't do that either.

Sometimes I just despair.

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To be honest it's better it's done at the hospital and I've found quicker. They do hundreds per day and they're so skilled.

Just find out what time the blood clinic opens (it's usually on the hospital website) and get there first thing (avoiding the day they run the warfarin clinic, as they get priority).

I know it's a pain in the arse when these things happen but it'll be fine and you'll be back on track in no time


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I know the clinic are better at doing it but it was just the determination of the receptionist to put as much as possible of this on me, not to mention the cost of parking and petrol to have it done at the hospital, plus the queues. I'm 3 weeks away from a TLH + BSO and a little kindness from them wouldn't have gone amiss


Honestly I do think the receptionists could show more professionalism and initiative.


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